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    McKee Couple Arrested And Facing Gun And Other Charges

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In a uniform citation, Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Isaacs reported he was sitting in his vehicle in the Jackson County Dispatch parking lot, when a female stopped and told him that she had just came from Eugene Truett's residence off McCammon Ridge Road and there was an unknown male and female attempting to break in to his home. Isaacs said upon his arrival at Truett's driveway, he saw Larry Clayton Montgomery, 45 years old of McCammon Ridge Road, McKee, coming from the direction of Truett's residence. After conducting a traffic stop, he was able to determine after contacting Jackson County Dispatch that the registration was cancelled by DOT and that Montgomery's driver's license was suspended.

    Jackson County Covid-19 Numbers On The Rise

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In a daily report from Cumberland Valley District Health Department, Public Health Director Christie Green said counting the cases over the three day holiday weekend in Jackson County, there are six new confirmed cases, 18 probable cases and 12 recovered. The Covid-19 positive case map has Jackson County listed as having 190 confirmed cases, 108 probable, and we are now listed as having 85 active cases compared to the 67 active cases last press day. We currently have 177 recovered and 14 deaths.