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    Jackson County Makes Their Vote Heard

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    The votes have been counted in the November General Election and the citizens of Jackson County have made their choice of the county and state leaders they would like to represent them in the next four years. In the United States Representative and Congress 5th District Hall Rogers had a final total of 3,579 and Kenneth Stepp, with a final count of 372 votes. With Stepp receiving 1 vote to Rogers 1 votes. In the state Representative 89th District, State Representative Robert Goforth who won the special election in February that sent him to the House of Representatives to fill the seat that long time State Representative Marie Rader had held. Goforth defeated Keith Hays to win the May Primary and the people have voted that they want him to remain in Frankfort for the next four years by Goforth receiving 3,615 votes to his opponent's, Democrat Kelly Smith's, 380 votes in Jackson County. In Laurel County, Goforth received 2,535 to Smith's 347. In Madison County, Goforth received 5,400 votes to Smith's 2,800. Circuit Clerk Doris K. Ward, County Clerk Donald "Duck" Moore, Sheriff Paul Hays, and PVA Paul Rose, who won their May Primary, ran unopposed in the general election.

    Jackson County To Work on Water Lines

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    Work has begun on a proposed project which will bring substantial new water service to the county. The materials and equipment are on hand and being stored across from the Gray Hawk Post Office. The objective for the entire project is to install and extend approximately 20 miles of new water lines to residents throughout Jackson County. BOCA Enterprises was awarded the bid during the water board's meeting held in August 2018, a 1.6-million-dollar contract out of this phase of the projected project. The new lines are expected to serve approximately 100 new customers. An expected date of completion of the project will be within 210 days. The countdown has started now the digging has begun. Once this project is complete, approximately 95% of the residents will have county water available to them. Jackson County Water Board said this is quite an accomplishment. However, we are committed to extend this service to the remaining 5% as soon as possible. All our citizens need and deserve reliable clean water. In the future, we are dedicated to providing this service to every resident in the county.