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    County Honors Sextons For Their Service

    By Kernel Banks, Reporter
    A few years back I was sitting at the Gray Hawk Landing, drinking coffee and talking with Horace Sexton, when a woman that was walking by stopped and looked at Horace. With a joyful voice, she stated, “I know you, I remember you when I was in school. You are Smokey the Bear.” Chief Donnie Gabbard of the City of McKee Volunteer Fire Department, got together with, Jackson County E.O.C., Gray Hawk Fire Department, Sand Gap Fire Department, and Pond Creek Fire Department setting up a special night. On Friday, December 2, 2016, a night of honor was set forth for Horace Sexton along with his wife Alice Sexton. Alice Sexton was one of the first full time paid Emergency Dispatcher's in Jackson County. Alice stated that City of McKee Mayor Doug Belbar and Jackson County Judge Executive W.O. Smith had spearheaded the Emergency Dispatch Office around 1981. Alice said she was a dispatcher for 26 years. She started as a volunteer. As time went by, a paying position started, she was part time then and finally became full time. On Friday, December 2nd, City of McKee Mayor John Tompkins presented Alice with a plaque and a key to the city.

    Radio Day Raises Over Two Thousand For Hospice Care

    Story Submitted
    In a press release from Director of Public Relations Hospice Care Plus, Brenna Wallhausser said, the Hospice Radio Day on Thrusday, December 1st, raised $2,100.00 for Hospice Care. The special, on-air fundraising event featured several guests, including live music, and gave listeners the opportunity to call in a pledge for the non-profit hospice. "This was the second annual Hospice Radio Day at WWAG Radio and once again Sherry Brockman, Dangerous Dan, and all the guest and listeners made it an amazing day for spreading the word about our programs, raising funds to support them, and celebrating what hospice does for families.” Several guests joined Dangerous Dan and Wallhausser, including County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard; Paige Tipton, a nurse at Hospice; Lisa Knicely, a Hospice manager who discussed dealing with grief during the holidays; PRTC’s CEO Keith Gabbard; Mayor John Tompkins; Karen Combs with Jackson Energy’s Operation Round-Up; and Sue Caldwell, from the Jackson County Times, Pastor Weston Fike and Jackson County resident Bill Farmer also joined the program to share their experiences with hospice care in their own families.