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    Teleworks USA Continues to Bring Jobs

    Story Submitted
    Teleworks USA continues to thrive in Jackson County! Since opening the doors in 2015 Teleworks USA has assisted people in Jackson County with training, interviewing skills, and job placement in legitimate work from home positions. There is never a cost associated with any of the Teleworks USA services. To date there have been 285 people who have obtained employment in Jackson County as a result of Teleworks USA. Teleworks Operations Manager, Betty Hays states, “If we use one of the lower paying jobs that people are hired to work for, $9.00 an hour that comes to an economic impact of $5,700,000.00! She further states that most of the jobs people are finding employment with are well above $9.00 an hour with some going as high as $17.00 an hour. “We continue to create partnerships with nationally known companies that are continuously seeking full and part time employees. This is the future of the workforce!”

    Jackson Energy sends students to Frankfort for leadership program

    Story Submitted
    High school students from Jackson Energy’s service area got a first-hand look at state government during last week’s Frankfort Youth Tour. Eight junior students from local high schools were selected to participate in the educational leadership program based on an essay contest. The students were Caidee Marshall, Lee County High School; Allison Wade, Jackson County High School; Jade Williams, North Laurel High School; Mashinda Cleaver, Jackson County High School; Bailey Hubbard, Clay County High School; David Walker House, North Laurel High School; Jackob Smith, South Laurel High School; and Mackenzie Morris, North Laurel High School. The tour is coordinated by the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives and local cooperatives, like Jackson Energy.