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    Gabbard Works to Bring New Funds

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    This past week I was fortunate to be able to attend the 41st annual Governors Conference in Louisville, hosted by the Department of Local Government and Governor Matt Bevin. I have been to several conferences and trainings since I took office in January of 2015 but this by far was the most informative one I have been able to attend. Everyday there were different workshops available for us to take, so I took that as an opportunity to gain more knowledge of State programs and laws that affect us every day on the local level. I had my binder in hand and took notes in every workshop I attended. For example, one class that was offered was on Federal and State Grants. Contrary to belief there is no such thing as free money. A very large percentage of Grants require a match and some up to as much as a 50% match. Some Grants allow you to use in kind labor and donations for match. It really depends on the type of Grant that the applicant is seeking. Grants can allow us to build buildings, put infrastructure in place that's need for an economy to grow or to build a park.

    Jackson County Farm Bureau Hosts Vet Clinic

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    Jackson County Farm Bureau Federation and Veterinarian, Joey Minter teamed up to offer Rabies and Parvo shots to small pets belonging to Farm Bureau members. Approximately 70 pets were vaccinated at a reduced cost to the member. The clinic, which was held in the parking lot at the Farm Bureau office in McKee, had a steady stream of customers throughout the morning. Jackson County High School FFA students were on hand to offer assistance with the animals. According to Jackson County Farm Bureau President, Harry Wilson, this clinic is a great success with more members taking part every year. Farm Bureau plans to join with Dr. Minter to offer this program on an annual basis.