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    Mountain Fest Health Fair: A Great Success

    Story Submitted
    The 17th Annual Mountain Fest Health Fair was a great success with over 300 people participating. The health fair was held Thursday, October 23rd in Annville at the Jackson County Ministries Gym. Participants took advantage of door prizes and freebies which were provided by each vendor. JCHIPS (Jackson County Health Improvement Partners) sponsors, plans, and implements the annual health fair to showcase health care and education partners in the county to invite the community to learn about services they may not be aware that are offered. This year the theme of the health fair focused on oral health. Jackson County has an active Oral Health Coalition with JCHIPS in partnership with the Jackson County Health Department, Dr. Jack Fifield, and Jackson County Schools. Jackson County Schools were very active in the health fair and all fifth grade students were allowed to experience all activities. Students have been trained as Peers to teach other students basic dental hygiene, tips for nutrition and dental health, tobacco prevention, and have learned about dental health careers. Jackson County students had a booth at the health fair called "Think Your Drink" which displayed how much sugar is consumed in various drinks.

    Progress Slows on Veteran's Park Until January

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    According to Robert Gabbard, the Project Manager for the new Jackson County Veteran’s Park, everything is going smoothly, except for a delay in getting the granite. Gabbard said, “To date, approximately 98% of all of the items that were budgeted are complete. Including the flag poles, flags, the lighting, and the fence, this was put up last week by Jailer Bill Dunn and the county inmates. We owe a debt of gratitude to the inmates who worked diligently and without complaining until the fence was completed and at no cost to the tax payers. This, in turn, saved the veteran’s park budget thousands of dollars. From here we're stepping back from the project until the granite is delivered in January.” Gabbard continued, “This particular granite is only found in two places in the world, China and India, and our sources are in China. The granite is quarried, tooled, and machined in China. Then it is shipped to the United States and then on to our vendor, who adds the name and does the preparations.