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    Judge Executive Worried About Jail Revenue

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    The recent stretch of warm weather has left a lot of folks under the weather in our community. I pray all is on the mend and that with spring around the corner we will see a diminish in the flu and viruses. Warm weather also inspires people to get outside and sometimes leaves us looking for improvements or projects to better our residences. A recent Facebook post from one of our local business owners and citizens sparked some interesting ideas as well as some concerns about our community. On Monday February 20th the McKee City Council met and myself along with some other citizens were there to discus ideas and talk about what the future may hold for our community. The council was receptive and interested in what was presented. Every town has something it's known for. What we need in Jackson County is something that gives us an identity. I would love to see us have a Community Center. I believe it would be something that we could be proud to call ours as well as something that other communities around us would want to visit and use. The problem we face with having something like this is the operation costs. There is grant money available to build buildings but nothing in the way of grant funds is available to operate it. I have checked with other Counties that have centers and operate those facilities themselves and the annual cost to keep them going is around $500,000 a year. The Fiscal Court can not afford to operate a facility like this the way our finances are at this time. We have a jail that brings in around $60,000 a month but costs the County around $120,000 a month to operate.

    Two Jackson Co. Women Arrested in Laurel County

    Story Submitted
    In a press release from Laurel County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff John Root reported that Detective Chris Edwards arrested two individuals on the afternoon of Friday, February 24, 2017 at approximately 1:32 PM. The arrest occurred off McWhorter Road, approximately 6 miles east of London after Detective Edwards located two individuals sitting in a vehicle near a cemetery and attempting to use oxycodone. A needle fell out of the vehicle when one of the occupants stepped out. Another needle was found in possession of the other occupant. An investigation was conducted on both occupants and both were determined to be under the influence. The two occupants stated they had used oxycodone earlier in the day.