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    Tyner Teacher Named PBS Digital Innovator

    Story Submitted
    Eighty-three of Kentucky’s best and brightest rising high school seniors descended upon the nation’s capital in June, representing electric cooperatives on the annual Washington Youth Tour. Jackson Energy Cooperative sponsored four delegates on the week-long experience: David W. House, North Laurel High School; MacKenzie Morris, North Laurel High School; Jakob Smith, South Laurel High School, and Allison Wade, Jackson County High School. “The Youth Tour was an unbelievable experience that was almost too special for words,” said Allison Wade. “Throughout the Youth Tour, I made memories and friendships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I am beyond grateful to share this experience with other cooperatives across Kentucky.” En route on two motor coaches, the journey began with visits to the homes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, followed by more than 40 miles of walking to monuments and museums in Washington, D.C.. “The Washington Youth Tour is a trip of a lifetime in which people look forward to seeing the sights of our capital, but leave with new memories and friendship that lasts well beyond the week in Washington,” said Jakob Smith. “Thank you, Jackson Energy, for sponsoring a trip I'll never forget.”

    Heat Leads to Safety Concerns for Elderly

    By Sheriff Paul Hays
    Did you notice, the air conditioner only quits when it is hot? One of our cruisers AC is completely out. Another just lost a transmission and another has a drive train leaving us. Sometimes it is difficult to keep everything working, but we are sure trying. Still, we are blessed to live and work in such a great county. You can always be a good neighbor if you keep a close eye on elderly neighbors who may not be struggling due to the extreme heat. Please make a special point to contact elderly neighbors, particularly if they live alone. You might even want to take them a meal. There is nothing greater than a good neighbor and nothing worse than a bad neighbor. The hot weather also increases calls for domestic violence. I guess hot weather increases tempers with temperature. Usually these calls are just verbal arguments, but they are always very dangerous calls. We try to send two people if possible, but we don't always have that option. If you find yourself in some type of domestic altercation, it is always best to leave long enough to calm down and it is Never okay to use injurious physical force against your family. If our officers arrive and there is obvious injury, we are required to arrest the perpetrator of the assault. Please understand our role is to keep the peace, if possible.