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    Bevin Launches Message of Hope Campaign

    Story Submitted
    FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 3, 2017) - Governor Bevinís office will begin placing painted rocks around Kentucky this afternoon in order to raise awareness for Kentuckyís opioid eptidemic and the Donít Let Them Die (DLTD) initiative. Though this promotion is intended to be encouraging and fun, it seeks to raise awareness across the Commonwealth about a tragically serious epidemic, said Amanda Stamper, Director of Communications. Last year, 1,404 Kentuckians died as a result of an opioid overdose. Gov. Bevin is committed to providing the policies and resources necessary to ensure we eradicate this scourge. Painted rock searches, a form of hide-and-go-seek, is a new, wildly popular trend.

    Judge Executive Working to Prevent Dangerous Driving

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    I have had several calls since we last met concerning dangerous drivers on our County roads. Several citizens have asked me about putting speed limits on County roads. I have been in touch with Frankfort on this matter and am working on a way to do this in a not so complicated matter. I agree that speed limits are needed on roads that have high traffic volume, high populated areas and especially neighborhoods with several children living in them. The problem is that a sign sometimes doesnít work but we need to give it our best effort to help. It does give law enforcement more to work with if a speed limit has been posted to a road. This is something I hope to get addressed sooner than later. Please be respective of the neighborhood you are traveling in.