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    Trail Town Looks To Clear Two Major Hurdles

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    In an interview on Monday November 23rd, with Trail Town Chairman Bob Gabbard, Trail Town has to roads to travel; the Kentucky Adventurism in Frankfort and the U.S. Forest Service. He has tried to get a trail town status for Jackson County and two weeks ago he submitted the completed application to Frankfort for peer review and at the same time applied for the permit with the Forest Service. These two things are key to our trail town status. Gabbard said with winter upon us work will be slow. Additionally he injured his back and will be limited in what he can get accomplished. The trail itself is completed to Forest Service boundaries and ready for use and has been reviewed by users very favorably. Approximately I mile is on the forest service lands and this trail is designated for horses, hikers and bicycles. It will be mapped once approved and maps along with other trail and user information will be posted at the kiosk located at the trail head.

    Jailer Helps to Save Kiwanis Club Money

    Story Submitted
    Thanksgiving came a week early for the Jackson County Kiwanis Club. Last week the club expressed their thanks to Jackson County Jailer Bill Dunn for helping the club save thousands of dollars. Dunn manages the Jackson County Detention Center, and his program to allow inmates to work on community projects has helped the Jackson County Kiwanis Club save money on the operation of the county’s Little League program. Dunn has provided inmates for the maintenance and upkeep of the Little League fields at the Bond Memorial Park, which has saved the Kiwanis Club thousands of dollars over the last few years. Kiwanis Club President Ed Morgan presented Dunn with a plaque to thank him and the inmates. “We appreciate all the work that has been done for the club,” Morgan said, “and wanted to recognize you for this program. Allowing the inmates to work on the field has helped us to better manage the park and provide the Little League program to the parents and children of Jackson County.”